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Deal Chatter about Today's Deal: Natural - Local - Honey Products - From Prairie Rock Honey Company in Luverne!
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I really do not understand how this is a deal. It CERTAINLY is not a 50% off deal as listed. I went directly to their website and I added all of the items in the 'first package' to my shopping cart. The total came to $18.96 (For those of us who are local, most wouldn't NEED to pay for shipping!) But, even WITH shipping, my total came to $27.30 ($8.34 priority USPS shipping option). That is no more than saving a few small bucks- CERTAINLY this deal is very misleading as it is currently writen. If I can go to their website and get the same (or close to the same) deal, how is that considered a 'keloland spotlight deal'? This one is a joke. I would expect more from a reputable organization like yours.

11/14/2012 9:49:18 AM - Pann

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